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Three types of services are offered: health checkups for expatriates and their families, medical laboratory testing and vaccinations.

We will deal here only with health checkups. The vaccination and medical laboratory services are dealt with separately.

The health checkups

The objective of these checkups is to screen for problems that are likely to emerge or become worse during a stay abroad, placing particular emphasis on cardiovascular diseases and cancer, or to screen for illnesses contracted during expatriation.

In addition to these tests, advice to travellers is provided, with the aim of informing expatriates about the health risks associated with expatriation and about the methods of preventing these.

The various checkups

The departure checkup

Four objectives dictate the clinical approach and the content of the checkup performed.

  • The first of these is the screening for high-risk medical conditions, especially cardiovascular problems, which is the second most common cause of health repatriation. Certain conditions will need to be treated and stabilized before any departure.
  • The second objective is to facilitate the treatment and follow-up of known chronic diseases. It is sometimes necessary to match these with the French recommendations for good practice in the area concerned. This objective illustrates well the role of CMETE, seeking to provide support for professional projects rather than to be an obstacle to them.
  • The third objective is the screening for latent diseases (without symptoms), based on the clinical examination and the medical laboratory data. These rarely prove to be a contraindication to expatriation, but their early diagnosis in France makes it easier to treat these conditions and often improves the prognosis in the medium and long-term.
  • The fourth objective is preparation for the health conditions of the destination country. Updating of the vaccination record and other preventive measures, notably with regard to malaria and intestinal parasites.

Specific checkups

Certain checkups aim to determine specific medical fitness: offshore fitness, etc.

The return checkup

The objective of this checkup is to ensure that the state of health of the expatriate has not deteriorated during the course of the expatriation and, in particular, that the expatriate has not contracted a parasitic disease likely to reveal itself after the return to mainland France.

The content of the medical appointment

It occurs on average over a period of 2 hours and the various stages can be completed in a different order in order to save time. The basic checkup consists of a clinical examination, an electrocardiogram, a lung X-ray, a vaccination update, medical laboratory tests. Other examinations can be performed if the medical situation and the project require it.

During the course of the medical consultation, tailored advice regarding the state of health of the travellers and the local health conditions is provided. The necessary information documents are issued.

The summary medical file

At the end of the checkup, a "travel" medical file is always provided to the individuals concerned. This reiterates the patient's medical history, the vaccination history and the results of the examinations performed, in the form of a summary document, intended to inform, under the best conditions possible, any doctor who might be called on to treat the expatriate, regardless of the country involved. It is recommended that all personal medical documents should be included with this.

The inclusion in this file of the source documents (thoracic X-ray, electrocardiogram, laboratory test results, etc.) makes it possible for any doctor to perform their own analysis regardless of the language they use. For English-speaking persons, the summary letter is written in English.

For the return appointments and to help with the continuity of care, it is recommended that one should always request a report for any medical event occurring abroad and that it should be included in the "travel" medical file.

This file is confidential; it is never passed on to the employer. It cannot be passed on to the medical department of the company or to the medical department responsible for the follow-up of the expatriate except with the expatriate’s written agreement.

This file can be transmitted to concerned parties electronically, in a form that is encrypted and protected with a password.


At the end of the health checkup, a certificate of medical fitness is issued. This certificate is sent to the employer.

The CMETE also takes responsibility for issuing specific certificates for obtaining permission to work in certain countries and for completing the certificates and forms necessary for certain specific fitness assessments (offshore, etc.).

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