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The CMETE (the French Medical Centre for Companies Working Abroad) was created in 1954 with the aim of providing to member companies - for the benefit of their workers needing to work outside of mainland France, and of their families - a preventive medical testing service, providing in a single location: consultations, complementary examinations and vaccinations.

The centre also makes its skills available to non-member individuals and organizations.

Today, the CMETE has more than 150 member companies. It performs roughly 10,000 consultations per year, mainly in Paris but also at its unit in Montpellier.

Legal framework

The CMETE is a non-profit making association in accordance with French 1901 law; its members are subscribing companies, represented by the members of the board. The President of the board is also responsible for the management of the centre and is a member of the executive committee, which also includes the Chief Physician and the Director of the medical laboratory. The doctors are employees, as are the rest of the staff. Their only goal is to promote and protect the health of expatriates and their families, business travellers

The medical centre

A complete set of services

The medical centre offers a complete set of services that complement each other:

  • A consultation service equipped with a technical platform (electrocardiography, echocardiography, radiology, respiratory function test, “visiotest” eyesight test device and audiometer, etc.). This part of the service is aimed principally at expatriate employees of the member companies; these services are not reimbursed by the French national health service and there is no open consultation service, without appointment. These conditions are essential and ideal in order to provide complete medical checkups in the minimum amount of time possible. This service is open to all those who wish to take advantage of the CMETE facilities, and this applies especially to foreign individuals who do not fall under the remit of the French national health service.
  • a medical test laboratory, specialized in the detection of exotic diseases and also serves as a local medical test laboratory.
  • a centre for international vaccinations (CIV), included on the list of CIVs recognized by the French Ministry of Health, and as such is accessible to the general public.

In addition to the main centre, located in the heart of Paris, a CMETE unit based in Montpellier has been open for several years now, on the site of CIRAD, the renowned French research centre for tropical agronomy.

The aim of the CMETE is not to compete with a traditional occupational health service; it distinguishes itself by the specificity and exclusivity of its services and for this purpose has an open structure and specially trained staff.

A specialist medical team

The CMETE has 6 permanent doctors and one pharmacist, who is the director of the medical laboratory. The doctors are qualified in internal medicine, cardiology and tropical medicine. During the summer period, when the centre receives a particularly large number of consultations, the team is backed-up by additional staff. All the staff have experience of life abroad and an in-depth knowledge of the special challenges associated, in terms of health.

The permanent staff

  • Dr. Denis MARTIN has been Chief Physician at the centre since October 2008. He specializes in internal medicine, and is qualified in Cardiology and Oncology. He is a former specialist at the French Military Hospitals (‘hôpitaux des armées’), former hospital Head of Department. He continues to practice on a weekly basis at the hospital and continues to have a regular practice in echocardiography. He participates in university medical teaching, in the context of travel medicine. He is a member of the CIMED.
  • Dr. Xavier CHANUDET is “professeur agrégé” (Senior Professor) at Val de Grâce Hospital, former Head of Department of Cardiology, where he continues to practice as a consultant; he is the author of a number of scientific publications, notably in the area of the cardiology of young adults, hypertension and diabetes. He is an expert at the AFSSAPS (the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products), for the marketing authorization of medicines. He is a member of the CIMED.
  • Dr. Philippe PIOT is a specialist in general medicine, which he has been practising at the Centre Médical Europe; he qualified in tropical medicine and is also qualified in occupational medicine.
  • Dr. Marie PLISSON-SAUNE coordinates with the centre for international vaccinations and is Assistant Director of the laboratory, in her capacity as doctor and laboratory scientist. Specialized particularly in the areas of mycology and parasitology, she qualified in travel medicine, a qualification that she completed in Jakarta, while working as an expatriate, and has a university diploma in vaccinations from Paris.
  • Dr. Isabelle TAWA, pharmacist and laboratory scientist, is the director of the medical test laboratory. The experience that she has acquired while working at a number of prestigious laboratories uniquely qualifies her to manage this centre and to oversee the continuous quality controls that it requires.
  • Dr. LE BELLEC, general practitioner, with a diploma in tropical medicine, practising in Montpellier, is responsible for the running of the local unit.
  • Dr. POULBERE, specialist in general practice and preventive medicine in the context of expatriation since 2006.

The temporary/seasonal staff

The “summertime" assistance from the following medical consultants is particularly appreciated, as is their advice in a broad range of areas; they have provided assistance over the last few years :

  • Dr. Jacques THEVENOT is an internist, qualified in tropical diseases, former Chief Physician of the CMETE and consultant at the Pasteur Institute. Through his many years of experience at the centre, he has forged close links with the member companies, as well as with certain expatriates, and has performed yearly checkups at the CMETE for many years now.
  • Dr. Alain SENAEVE, qualified in aeronautical medicine and in tropical medicine.
  • Dr. MINH Ly has travelled all over the world, as a doctor in the context of various non-governmental organizations; she has also practised under extreme conditions with a stay in Antarctica and as the doctor of the TARA, the ship that was caught in the ice of the Arctic Ocean.
  • Dr. Benedicte MAUZE practices in Paris within a medical reception service for immigrants in France. Some of our expatriates are sometimes forced to pass through such organizations abroad.

Who can benefit

The health checkups

They are performed for the benefit of member companies.

The CMETE can provide non-members (individuals or organizations) with the same type of checkup as member companies. The services are invoiced at the rate applied to the member companies, with a percentage surcharge for non-members to adjust for the lack of membership fees paid.

Medical test laboratory

The laboratory is approved by the French national health service; it is accessible to all members of the public, whether or not in the context of a health checkup.

The centre for international vaccinations

The centre administers all types of vaccine; it is accessible to all members of the public, whether or not in the context of the health checkup.

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