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Tailored consultation

During the course of a tailored consultation, our doctors, who specialize in travel medicine, tropical medicine or vaccinations, will provide up-to-date information regarding the health risks associated with your journey

Thus, the following will be discussed :

  • Diseases transmitted by insect bites;
  • illnesses linked to high altitude;
  • Diseases transmitted via water and food;
  • Risks associated with various recreational activities (diving, swimming in the sea, in freshwater, etc.).

Preventive advice

Preventive advice is offered: this is tailored to the specific situation of the traveller (their state of health, any allergies, treatments being taken, budgets, etc.) and to the specifics of the journey (the lodging conditions, the itinerary, activities, etc.).


At the end of the consultation, prescriptions may be issued :

  • Preventive treatment for malaria;
  • Preventive treatment for acute mountain sickness for travel at high altitude;
  • Help putting together a medicine pack (temporary medicine prescriptions for travel in isolated areas).

Vaccination programme

The doctor will provide a vaccination programme that will include :

  • An update of all scheduled French vaccines in children and in adults;
  • Vaccinations necessary for the prevention of diseases associated with travelling.

The centre has available the majority of vaccines authorized in France and in particular the vaccine for yellow fever, as well as the vaccines required for pilgrimages to Mecca. The injection of the vaccines is performed by the CMETE nurses.

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