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Advice for medical appointments

Laboratory tests and medical appointment

The medical checkup at the CMETE includes, for adults, medical laboratory tests. This is why we ask you to attend in a fasting state, without having eaten or drunk for at least 8 hours beforehand. Some flexibility is possible :

  • For morning appointments, it is possible to drink water, or a tea or coffee without milk and without sugar;
  • For afternoon appointments, you can take an early breakfast, but cannot have a meal at lunchtime.

Children less than 10 years old will not have, except in special cases, blood samples taken and do not need to come to the appointment in a fasting state. A urine test will, however, be administered. Please do not hesitate to warn us if they have a "sudden urge" before visiting the laboratory.

When you arrive at the CMETE reception, please do not hesitate to warn us if you are pregnant or if your condition makes it difficult for you to remain in a fasting state; we will make sure that you are given priority in terms of visiting the laboratory.

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