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Medical laboratory

Who can benefit ?

  • Patients seen in the context of a medical appointment at the CMETE.
  • Anyone with a medical prescription.
  • The medical laboratory is approved by the French national health service.
  • The laboratory accepts payment according to the French “tiers-payant” health service provision (whereby the laboratory is reimbursed directly by the French health service), and accepts “ALDs” (patients with special long-term illness status) (at 100%), “CMU” (system whereby supplementary health costs are covered by the French state, for certain people who do not qualify for an employer’s supplementary health insurance), and the “AME” (system whereby the French state subsidizes the health costs of certain people residing in France without proper residency status).


  • General laboratory tests.
  • Tropical disease testing.
  • Highly specialized tests are entrusted to BIOMNIS and CERBA.
  • The results can be electronically transmitted to any doctor requiring them.

Opening times

  • From Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Samples taken without appointment necessary.
  • Information: Tel. 01 53 45 86 85.

Further information

  • Conditions under which samples are taken, find out more.
  • Laboratory tests as part of a medical appointment at the CMETE, find out more.
  • Quality control, find out more.
  • The organizational structure of the laboratory,find out more.
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